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    This webpage has links to a selection of the many Leslie Flint sitting recordings that I have enjoyed listening to. Those included below are some of my personal favourites... (scroll down to find them or click the lower 'button' to the left of the screen).


    Leslie Flint (1911-94)

    Leslie was a famous Independent Direct Voice Medium. This form of mediumship allows people from the Spirit World to speak totally independent of the medium.

    Unlike most mediums used for this form of mediumship, Leslie developed so that he needn't be in a trance condition and could even join in with the sitters conversations with the spirit communicators.


    Thousands of sittings were recorded, which anyone can listen to via The Leslie Flint Trust website, with many also accessible on their YouTube channel.


    A wonderful book - Voices in the Dark - about his life is also available. I have read this and can thoroughly recommend it.


    On the Trust website a good number of the recordings have also been transcribed, so what was said can often be read.